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Hi, my name is Melanie Crinion and I have recently been appointed as the new Head of Eels Educate based at Parramatta Stadium. My background is in Primary School education where I have taught in public schools in Western Sydney. I was formerly the Learning with League Centre Teacher with the NRL where I designed and implemented education based programs to students from around the country.

I am really excited about coming on board with Eels Educate. New syllabus linked programs will be introduced into the classroom, available to both Primary and High School students. Such programs will be made available to mainstream schools, community centres and educational facilities.

Whilst I am based at the stadium with the Eels, the main focus of my programs is not Rugby League, rather education. It will be said though, using the underlying principles of sport, including teamwork and respect, and the game of Rugby League itself, will provide programs that offer specific yet unique opportunities to those involved.

Syllabus linked programs, including but not limited to the following, will be implemented –
Primary School: Literacy, Numeracy, PDHPE, PBL – Social Cohesion and Healthy Lifestyle programs.
High School: Literacy, PDHPE, PASS – Dream Believe Achieve and Lifestyle theme based program.

The programs are also designed to provide an opportunity to impact on the lives of young people who wouldn’t necessarily have the chance otherwise.

If you would like more information or to make a booking, please contact me by emailing me on:

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