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2018 Membership gets you priority seating at our new Western Sydney

Priority seating at the NEW Western Sydney Stadium will be given to 2018 Blue & Gold Army Members!

In 2019, the Eels will take residence in the best rectangular football stadium in the nation. Secure your priority seating today:

·         Priority 1: Full Season Ticketed Members with those holding the longest continuous length of tenure having first choice of seats.

·         Priority 2: Limited game access (i.e. less than 11 home games) and non-ticketed Members by length of tenure with those having the longest continuous tenure having first choice seats.

·         Priority 3: New 2019 Members by date of purchase.

From just $5.50 per month!

Find out more:

Don’t miss out on your chance to secure your place in our future!

Be #ParraProud in 2018.