Seat Change 2019

Submit your Seat Change Request

Each season, we offer all our reserved seat Members the opportunity to KEEP their existing seats when they renew their Membership.

In the event that a Member is unsatisfied with their Western Sydney Stadium seating, Members have the option to submit a request to change seats. If a Member submits a request to change, their existing seats are still secure. Our Membership Team won't release a Members existing seats unless they are able to move the Member to a new set of seats that suit the request and is then confirmed.

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To put in a request, simply complete the form below. This form is not a renewal – your membership will automatically renew unless specified otherwise.

Our Membership Team will be in contact with all Members who have submitted a form in early 2019 to discuss the Western Sydney Stadium seating options available (if any). Seat change requests will be actioned based on a Members length of tenure, with Members who hold the longest tenure having their request actioned first.

Where there are no available seats that match a request, our Membership team will get in touch with Members to let them know.

Please note: Members must successfully renew their 2019 Membership in order to have their seat change request forms actioned.

Any questions? Please feel free to drop us an email on or contact as at 1300 BLUE GOLD (1300 258 346).

This is an exciting time for our Club and our Members - We look forward to assisting you in your transition to our new home.

Parramatta Eels Membership Team
Parra Proud