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2020 Member Pledge

Many 2020 Eels Members have reached out to the Club to see where they can help, specifically stating that they will not ask for a refund on their 2020 Membership. We will rely on our Membership to ensure that we remain viable and can continue in building towards our future through important projects on and off the field.

Ticketed Members who are in a position to do so have the opportunity to ‘pledge’ their full 2020 Membership payment to the Club.

It means that no matter what happens in the 2020 NRL Season you will stick with us & maintain your 2020 Membership.

By Ticketed Members pledging their fee, this helps ensure that the Club remains viable as we navigate this challenging period.

For Ticketed Members who are able to make the pledge, you will receive your own pledge number as well as a personalised electronic PARRA FOREVER Thank You certificate. The sooner you pledge, the lower your pledge number will be (ascending order).

Thank you to all our loyal and passionate Eels Members. We look forward to getting back on the field as we push towards our next Premiership!


*Members will receive their PARRA FOREVER Thank You Certificate and Pledge Number within 5 business days of completing the Members Pledge Form

Click here to download and view the Member Pledge - FAQs

Again, we thank you for your patience and support with the Club during this time.