Hall Of Fame

In July 2014, the Parramatta Eels added Nathan Cayless as the newest Legend in the Eels Hall of Fame, and in a first for the club, named Michael Cronin the first ever Champion of Parramatta.

The Champion of Parramatta is a man of exceptional club spirit, known for his dedication to the club both past and present, on and off the field, chosen by his fellow Hall of Fame Legends, Parramatta Eels fans, and the judging committee for the Hall of Fame inductee.

A former club Captain, New Zealand Captain, and fan favourite, Cayless was added to the Hall of Fame in front of 500 guests at a Gala Dinner at the Star, including 13 of his fellow Hall of Famers, family and friends, the current NRL squad, board and special guests.

And along with Cayless, the Eels board made a special induction: first ever Parramatta club president, the 'Colonel' Jack Argent.

The two inductees in 2014 are the 24th and 25th Legends added to the Eels Hall of Fame.

Champion of Parramatta:

Michael Cronin OAM (elevated 2014)

Eels Hall of Fame Legends:

Ken Thornett (inducted 2002)
Neville Glover (inducted 2002)
Michael Cronin OAM (inducted 2002)
Steve Ella (inducted 2002)
Eric Grothe (inducted 2002)
Brett Kenny (inducted 2002)
Peter Sterling OAM (inducted 2002)
Ray Price OAM (inducted 2002)
Peter Wynn (inducted 2002)
Dick Thornett (inducted 2002)
Bob O’Reilly (inducted 2002)
Steve Edge (inducted 2002)
Dean Pay (inducted 2002)
Jack Gibson OAM (inducted 2002)
Ron Lynch (inducted 2003)
Billy Rayner (inducted 2004)
Brian Hambly (inducted 2005)
Ron Hilditch (inducted 2006)
Barry Rushworth (inducted 2007)
Denis Fitzgerald AM (inducted 2008)
Ian Johnston (inducted 2009)
Geoff Gerard (inducted 2010)
Ray Higgs (inducted 2011)
Jack Argent (inducted 2014)
Nathan Cayless (inducted 2014)