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Junior League Skills

With the footy season underway, we've put together a handy page where you can learn some new skills and tips to help you improve on the field!

Holding the ball:

  • Spread your fingers around the ball: Thumbs on top, fingers underneath
  • Putting your index finger on the seam helps put your hands in the correct position. Then, as you gain confidence, you can create a stronger grip by placing your thumbs on top and fingers underneath
  • Your grip should be around the middle of the ball, with fingers spread for best control
  • When you're not passing, keep the ball at chest height with your fingers pointing up
  • When you're about to pass, point the ball down to waist with your fingers down
  • REMEMBER: keep your arms and body relaxed!

The most important points to remember:

  • Thumbs on top
  • Fingers underneath
  • Keep your fingers spread
  • The ball should be held more in your fingers than in the palm of your hand

What are the common mistakes?

  • Holding the ball with fingers on top
  • Not gripping the middle of the ball
  • Holding the ball towards the end or point - keep your grip in the middle of the ball

Standing Pass:

  • Hold the ball with a basic grip
  • Stand side on to your targe
  • Step towards your target
  • Swing your arms across your body
  • Extend your hands towards your target
  • With your hand behind, guide the ball to your target area.

Handy tip:

Your arms should finish extended towards your target... and your body should finish facing your target!

Important points to remember:

  • Start in a side on position
  • Rotate your torso and swing your arms
  • Extend your arms and hands out towards the receiver

Common mistakes:

  • Stepping with the wrong foot
  • Using an incorrect grip - grip the ball as your read above!
  • Not standing side on, resulting in the ball going too high
  • Not enough arm extension - extend your arms towards the receiver

Catching a High Ball:

  • Keep your eyes on the ball at all times
  • Focus on moving your legs to quickly get your body in the correct position to make the catch
  • Reach up and out with your arms - keep your fingers spread and elbows tucked in
  • Keep your elbows into your body
  • Allow the ball to land and be trapped in the 'cradle' formed by your arms and upper body
  • Bend your knees slightly as you catch the ball. This softens the impact so there is less chance of the ball bouncing out of the 'cradle'

Important points to remember:

  • Move quickly to the ball
  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Keep your hands up and elbows in
  • Let your knees bend as the catch is made

Common mistakes:

  • Moving too slowly into position
  • Taking your eyes off the ball
  • Elbows spread too wide