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Hi guys,

I didn't do too badly with my Dream Team in Round 1, I ended with a total of 652 points. It would have been higher if Bryan Norrie had ended up playing - but what can you do?

I've decided to keep the team pretty much the same for this week - with only one change to my starting line-up.

I'm bringing in Justin O"Neill off the bench instead of Matt Duffie - I'm expecting him to have a cracker against the Cowboys.

I'm only keeping one of my bench players from last week - that's Shaun Berrigan. O'Neill's being bumped up to starting, and I'm dropping Justin Horo and Nathan Fien. Even though Fien did score pretty well last week, I don't know if he'll have as much of an impact this week.

The Newcastle boys of Travis Waddell and Neville Costigan are now my bench players this week - I reckon they'll be strong against Manly.

And Nathan Smith from Penrith is rounding out my bench - he's starting for them, and is a real worker. For someone with quite low value, he did a great job for me this week.

Captain and VC are staying the same this week - Cameron Smith and Greg Inglis.

I'll be back in touch next week to see how I went. Check my full team out here.