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On behalf of my family I would like to say how disappointed we all are by the reports that have been published today.

My brother Johnny was a wonderful man and never ever would have knowingly consented to taking a banned substance, in fact he was very careful about everything he did that may affect his health. Johnnys integrity in the way he lived his life speaks for itself. We have no need to defend that.

My family and I would also like to use this opportunity to offer our full support to Trent Elkin. Trent has had a long and trusted relationship with me, my brother and our family and what has transpired over the last day has not changed that. We know Trent does not condone the use of illegal substances and would have never knowingly done anything that would cause one of his players or Jon for that matter harm.

Despite how saddened we are by these recent reports, our faith will see us through.

In celebrating my brother Johnnys life we have made every attempt to be open with everyone. We would ask at this time that the media please respect our privacy.

Thank you.