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Peni Terepo is very inquisitive.

Eager to improve on his off-field talents, with 10 minutes to go before the team began their pre-season Open Training Session, Peni grabbed the media team's Canon SLR to take a few snaps of the boys getting ready to hit the field.

Here are the results:

3:50pm - Going for that nightclub vibe with a shot of the boys shoes

3:52pm - Getting arty with an impressionist photo of new recruit Richie Fa’aso

3:55pm - Peni discovers how to work the focus ring on the camera. Brad looks suitably impressed

3:56pm - Brad Takairangi thrilled to be involved in Peni’s photography project

3:58pm - We said your good side Kelz! Ahh who are we kidding, this is going to NRL’s Next Top Model!

3:59pm - Nailed it! Report to the office for the start of your media internship Peni!

You may also remember the time when Peni took over the camera during a training camp in Kiama at the end of 2013: CLICK HERE