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The 'North' district teams have won all three age groups in the inaugural Parramatta Tri-Series on Sunday, winning the grand final in 14s, 15s and 16s.

The Tri-Series saw 185 players from divisions two and three divided into nine teams to represent the North, Central and South of the Parramatta District across the three age groups.

A select group of coaches were also put through a new, innovative Parramatta Performance Coaching Course, and given the task of coaching a brand new group of players in the nine district teams.

Tri-Series Grand Final Results:

14s - North 26 defeated Central 12

15s - North 32 defeated Central 0

16s - North 16 defeated South 4

Due to excessive rain in the lead up to the Tri-Series, the original grounds were unavailable, and the club is grateful to Mounties for hosting the event at late notice.