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The Blue & Gold Army has grown over 24,000 Members, with the Club breaking it's all-time Membership record, meaning our fifth Membership Milestone has been reached! As a result, our LIMITED EDITION 70 Year Sweater has now been unlocked!

As the Blue & Gold Army grows, reaching different Membership Milestones, 70 of each limited edition product will be unlocked!

Our first Membership Target unlockable product was sold out within hours of becoming available, and our next few unlocks have limited stock remaining!

Be part of the Army and help unlock items! Visit for our full range of 70 Year Anniversary Merchandise including our new unlocked LIMITED EDITION 70 Year Sweater.


In 2017, grow our Blue & Gold Army to unlock limited edition products! As we reach Membership milestones, a limited number of limited edition products will be unlocked!

Membership Target 1: 1,947 Members (REACHED!)

Membership Target 2: 10,000 Members (REACHED!)

Membership Target 3: 15,000 Members (REACHED!)

Membership Target 4: 20,000 Members (REACHED!)

Membership Target 5: 23,780 Members (REACHED!)

Membership Target 6: 25,000 Members