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Message from the Chairman

Dear Members

I want to thank all Members who attended last night’s Parramatta Leagues Club(PLC) meeting. It was pleasing to see that there was an increased turnout from Members for such an important occasion. I was especially pleased to hear that there was a large number of Members who made the effort to travel from Newcastle, Central Coast and the ACT to support the vote.

As you may be aware, the first resolution fell just short of the required 75 per cent which would have seen all of the governance reforms proposed by the Administrator adopted in full and a new Leagues Club Board appointed on merit within three months.

However the second resolution was passed, which proposed some of the key reforms including postal/electronic voting, triennial elections and the recognition of the Parramatta National Rugby League (PNRL) Club within the PLC constitution adopted. Importantly these initial reforms will provide opportunities to complete the full reform process and the Football Club stands ready to work with the PLC and the Independent Liquor Gaming Authority (ILGA) on what are the most appropriate next steps in the reform process.

The most pleasing aspect of last night’s meeting is that the vast majority of Members want to see the full reforms proposed by the Administrator adopted and this provides a good platform from which to build on within the coming months.

Thank you again for your support

Yours Sincerely

Sean McElduff
Parramatta Eels Chairman