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Seat Resale Terms & Conditions

1.1  The 2021 Parramatta Eels Seat Resale Program is eligible to 2021 Parramatta Eels Full-Season Reserved Seat Members only.

1.2  Reserved Seat Members can place their reserved seat/s up for resale to any Eels home game at Bankwest Stadium in 2021. Reserved Seats can be placed up for resale no later than three working days out from the respective game.

1.3  Reserved Seat Members can only place their reserved seat/s up for seat resale online via Ticketmaster’s Account Manager.

1.4  Once a reserved seat has been placed up for resale via Account Manager, it is final & the process cannot be reversed by the Member.

1.5  Once a reserved seat has been placed up for resale via Account Manager, the Membership will not be valid and will therefore not allow access to the respective game that it has been placed up for resale.

1.6  Once a reserved seat has been placed up for resale, the Parramatta Eels will work with Ticketmaster & Ticketek in placing the seat/s available for purchase via Ticketek.

1.7  Once a seat is placed up for resale, Members will receive a confirmation email. This may make up to 72 hours to be received. Members must have a valid email address attached to your membership account to receive your resale confirmation.

1.8  Members will only be notified if their seat is successfully resold following the respective game. Reserved Seat Members will not be notified if their seat is not successfully sold. If a Members seat/s have been successfully resold via Ticketek, the Member will receive $20 (including GST) cashback (cashback benefit). Only Members who have their seat/s resold via Ticketek are entitled to receive the cashback benefit.

1.9  Upon notification of a Members seat being resold, $20 (including GST) will be debited to the Members debit/credit card on their Membership account as part of the cashback benefit. It is the Members responsibility to ensure that their debit/credit card details are up to date in their Membership account. It may make up to 10 working days for the payment to be debited to an account.

1.10        Members must ensure that their Membership payment is paid up to date in order to successfully receive the Seat Resale cashback. The Club reserves the right to reject the cashback benefit to any Member whose Membership account is not paid up to date.


1.11        The Club reserves the right to reject a request for a reserved seat being placed up for resale if deemed suspicious in any manner. In this instance, the Parramatta Eels will notify the Member of the Clubs decision.

1.12        Your privacy is important to the Parramatta Eels and there are procedures in place to ensure that your information remains confidential. We are mindful that your personal details are private and as such we will only disclose your information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988.

1.13        Any information disclosed about a Membership account or any requests in relation to a Membership account can only be done with the Primary Account Holder.

1.14        The Parramatta Eels reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions as may be reasonably necessary from time to time in its absolute discretion.

1.15        By placing my reserved seat/s up for resale, I acknowledge that I accept the above Terms and Conditions. All Members are bound by these Terms and Conditions regardless of how the application was submitted.

1.16        Parramatta Eels means Parramatta Eels National Rugby League Club Pty Ltd or any of its related entities and includes ‘the Club’ where the context implies.