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Hi Dream Teamers,

Victory is ours! My NRL Dream Team had a win in the minor final to take out the title. Well, the top of the bottom eight in the comp, anyway which still counts!

Thanks to my competition, Prestige Worldwide for putting up a great fight all throughout the season, we only narrowly beat them so it was a tough game.

It's been a fun and challenging season getting my head around the competition, but I think I've come good in the end and put together a quality team. After a mid-season slump we pulled out our strongest performances in three out of the four final weeks of the competition - which is great!

We also had our team increase to its highest monetary value in our final, which at $6,469,400 is impressive and well-timed.

For our final game, shout-outs to Cameron Smith who had a blinder with 97 points, as well as Daly Cherry-Evans, Jesse Bromwich, James Graham and James McManus for all scoring above 50 points.

I'm now looking forward to next season - I'm going to come out of the starting blocks strongly and be a fierce competitor - just you wait.

Thanks for everyone for playing along with me, it's been fun.

Until next year,