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Membership pledge

Dear Members,

We have been overwhelmed by the messages of support from our Members who want to help the Club in any way that they can and we want to thank you for your enduring support.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we as a Club face one of the most difficult periods in our history. The financial impact of the suspension of the season has been significant. While we are hopeful of our team returning to the field safely in 2020, we cannot be sure what exactly this will mean for our Members and their ability to attend games.

We know that everyone in the Eels community is being impacted by this situation. Our responsibility is to ensure our Club emerges from this situation in the best shape possible and with the ability to support all of our existing business areas beyond just NRL, including our community and junior league programs.

Ticketed Members

Today we are asking that if you are in a position to do so, please support our Club in the most powerful way possible, by pledging your 2020 Membership fee to the Club - regardless of what may take place this year. We need your support more than ever.

For Members who are able to make the pledge, you will receive your own pledge number as well as a personalised electronic Parra Forever Thank You certificate

Of course, we know there are some of our Members who are not in position to do this and we are committed to working with you on whatever you may need during this unprecedented time.

What is the Parra Forever Members Pledge?
It means that no matter what happens in the 2020 NRL Season you will stick with us & maintain your 2020 Membership. By pledging your Membership fee, you will ensure our Club emerges from this situation in the best shape possible and with the ability to support all of our existing business areas beyond just NRL such as our community and junior league programs.

So, How Do You Pledge?

  • Fill in the form below using your name, email address and Member Number
  • Submit the form and the Club will receive your pledge
  • Upon receiving your pledge, the Membership Team will send you your personalised electronic Parra Forever Thank You Certificate with your own pledge number

We know that this is an extremely challenging period for everyone in our Blue & Gold Army. If you need support or have any questions in relation to your Membership, please contact us at – we might not have all of the answers at this time, but we will do our best to help where we can.

We will Stand as One to Make Parra Forever.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Members Pledge?

The Members Pledge is an initiative for Members to Pledge their 2020 Membership fees to the Club, regardless of the final outcome of the 2020 season. We have been inundated with Members who have reached out to us to offer their 2020 Membership fees in full and ask how they can do this immediately, regardless of what happens in the 2020 season. Through the Members Pledge, Members who are in a position to do so are able to financially commit to the 2020 season.

Where do the Pledge funds go?

Every dollar pledged by Members will stay within the Football Club.  This will play a significant role in ensuring that the Club comes out of the COVID-19 situation in the best shape possible, at a time when the Club’s revenue has been significantly impacted. Members Pledge funds will support all of our existing business areas beyond just NRL, including our Elite Pathways, Community Programs and Junior League Programs.

If I Pledge, what do I get?

For Members that Pledge, they will receive their very own ‘Pledge number’ that is displayed on a Thank You Certificate, which can be kept forever as way to remember that they played a significant role in helping the Club get through its most challenging period. Pledge Members will receive their Pledge number and Thank You Certificate within 2 business days of completing their Members Pledge.

If I Pledge, do I receive anything in 2021?

We are continuing to work through what the 2021 Membership Program will look like for not only in terms of recognising Members who have pledged, but all our Members who continue to support the Club. However, the full focus of the Club at this time is ensuring that we get through this period, with the aim of getting our team back on field and ready to compete as soon as we are able to do so.

If I Pledge, are you debiting additional fees?

Members that Pledge are not being asked to pay additional fees or make an additional contribution on top of the total amount of their 2020 Membership invoice. The Members Pledge means that you choose to Pledge your full 2020 Membership fees that you have either already paid in full or are paying via the monthly payment plan.

If I don’t Pledge, what happens to my 2020 Membership?

Membership will not be impacted for any Member that chooses not to Pledge. We understand that this is a challenging time for everyone in the Eels Community.  Whilst many Members would love to Pledge, we understand that they may not be in a position to do so at this time. As a Club, we will continue to help Members get through this period in any way that we can.

Will I lose my reserved seating or my Membership Tenure if I don’t Pledge?

No. This is a voluntary pledge for Members who are in a position to do so. Members that do not Pledge will not lose their reserved seating or their Membership Tenure. Members will not be negatively impacted if they do not Pledge.

I am not in the position to Pledge, but I still want to support the Club as a Member. What is the best way for me to do this?

It is absolutely fine for Members not to Pledge if they chose not to or if they are unable to do so at this time. The best way for our Members to support the Club beyond the Pledge is by remaining engaged us through this period and continuing to be patient as we try to get more answers on the current COVID-19 situation and what it means for our Club and Members.

Can I choose the amount of my Membership fees that I Pledge?

At this time, Members are being requested to Pledge the full amount of their 2020 Membership fees. We will continue to keep Members updated on the Members Pledge, including if any aspects of the initiative change.

If I am a non-ticketed Member, can I Pledge?

The Members Pledge is available to Members that hold Memberships that have a benefit of access to four or more games at this time. For more information on how a non-ticketed Member can support the Club, please contact the Membership Team.

I still don’t understand why Members are being asked to Pledge, who can I speak to about this?

If you would like more information on the Pledge, please contact our Membership Team during business hours on 1300 258 346 or at Please note that we will do our best to respond to your queries as soon as we can, though it might take longer than usual as we are currently operating at skeleton staff. We thank you in advance for your patience with us.

When will I find out what is happening with my 2020 Membership if I am unable to attend games due to the COVID-19 situation?

The Club is still working through what the outcome of the 2020 Membership Program will be with the NRL and all other NRL Clubs. It is important that we first completely understand what the outcome of the 2020 NRL Season will be before we are in a position to make any decisions on the 2020 Membership Program, including any potential refunds.

We are committed to continuing to provide updates to Members as soon as we have new information.

We do understand that it is frustrating not having all of the answers at this time. However, this unprecedented situation will have significant implications for us as a Club and of course the game overall. Therefore, we do need to take the time to make sure that we get the outcomes right to ensure our Members are looked after and preserve the future of our Club and our game.

If you have any urgent matters, please direct your enquiry to or 1300 258 346. Please understand that our staff may not be able to provide answers to questions outside of the communications that have already been shared on the above-mentioned channels.

Again, we thank you for your patience and support with the Club during this time.


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